Creative, Innovative Content Management

SERA FILM SERVICES, established in 1988, is one of the oldest and most experienced independent companies in the Turkish television and broadcasting industry.  Its major business lines are distribution, production and content creation.

SERA, representing a variety of international content distributors, provides high quality TV programs to Turkish broadcasters.

Over the years, SERA’s business mission has been shaped by the trends in the world of broadcasting and new media. Currently, besides distributing programs, SERA is involved in licensing of TV characters, development of new formats, provision of content for new media, consultancy services, and field production services to companies interested in shooting in Turkey.

Recently, all major Turkish TV and media companies have been closely involved in internet and mobile applications, which resulted in the expansion of their consumer spectrum and their services around these fields. Considering this fact, along with traditional TV formats, all other sorts of “new media” content are also represented in SERA’s catalogue.

SERA FILM has also been involved in executive production of TV programs by gathering together broadcasters, producers, sponsors and interactive service companies from both local territory and abroad. 

From investment research to program tracking in the market, SERA also provides advisory services for foreign companies having business in Turkey.

You Can't Hide From Street Raffle!

New Street Quiz show has just started. It is known as  "Street Raffle" in Spain, produced by Sera Film. The host equipped with cameras on his body, walks and record himself at the same time, ask questions to random people in the street. If the answers are correct, you could win surprise gifts. The show could be follow at youtube... please click  to watch the episodes.

The Show That Keep You Saying Oh Boy!

A new quiz show which is known as "Legacy" in the world, produced by Sera film, will start soon on Star Tv. The show will be hosted by experienced actor Oktay Kaynarca. “The Legacy” is a quiz television show in which a number of participants, throughout a series of question rounds and a final, compete for a prize in cash.The prize is distributed among the participants before the game begins. E...

First Episode of Vay Arkadas-Legacy Gets In One of The Top Five Programme!!

Produced by Serafilm, hosted by experienced actor Oktay Kaynarca, the first episode of The Legacy-Vay Arkadas broadcasted last night on Star Tv, became 5th position in Total Raitings and 4th in AB Group Raitings.   For the applications please click here.